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Crispy Rice Crackers,Indonesian Traditional Food

Rice Crackers

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Rengginang or ranginang is a kind of Indonesian thick rice cracker, made from cooked glutinous sticky rice and seasoned with spices, made into a flat and rounded shape, and then sun-dried. The sun-dried rengginang is deep fried with ample cooking oil to produce a crispy rice cracker.[1]

This cracker is quite different from other types of traditional Asian crackers such as the Indonesian krupuk and the Japanese senbei or beika; while most of traditional crackers' ingredients are ground into a fine paste, rengginang retains the shapes of its rice grains. It is similar to Japanese arare, and yet it differs because arare are individually separated larger rice pellets, while rengginang rice granules are stuck together in a flat-rounded shape. Rengginang traditionally made from dried leftover rice. In Suriname it is known as brong-brong.

Rengginang can be plain, or flavoured sweet, salty or savoury. The most common rengginang are deep fried with added pinches of salt for a traditional salty taste. Sweet rengginang uses thick liquified coconut sugar coated or poured upon it. Other variants have other ingredients added to enrich the taste, such as dried prawn, terasi (shrimp paste), or lorjuk (razor clam).


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